Fullness at Your Fingertips

The blossoming of regeneration…

Fullness at your Fingertips

The blossoming of regeneration…

While we can be inclined to stay fixed in our old patterns of familiarity, very little change is available to us when we are looking through the same eyes as yesterday. An inspired sense of meaning and richness follow closely behind any time we have the courage to try something new.

Trying something new can be as small as choosing a new route to work, initiating a coffee date, or enrolling in a course you have always wanted to take – anything that gets you out of the habit of knowing what to expect next. Whatever change you may be craving, you cannot get there until you first understand what holds you back from letting yourself expand. No matter how big it may seem, ALL fears dim in comparison to the freedom that follows from doing it anyway. Instead of denying where you no longer wish to be, try instead to understand what has kept you there as long as it has. What purpose has it lovingly served in your life, and what new ways of thinking are necessary to send you sailing into the life you know you deserve?

Let yourself become accustomed to ways of being that may feel uncomfortable and foreign at first – if you are a worrier for example, try something bold and challenge yourself to 5 minutes of being worry free. Once you have mastered that, move onto a full hour, and so on. Greatness is born out of the desire to be willing, and baby steps are how you travel to get there. Live the life you hold for yourself in the quiet spaces of your heart… feel it blossoming, and know it is already done.

An inspired sense of meaning and richness follow closely behind anytime we have the courage to try something new.

Sharing the Light

From our hearts to yours, these Essence Messages are written by our Practitioners. We hope they support your journey and inspire the remembrance that light and goodness are your inherent qualities of Essence. If you feel these messages have been helpful, please share them with your loved ones.