Essence Messages

We'd like to share with you our messages that have developed over the past decade of practice, and thousands of client-sessions later. We hope they inspire your life and help blossom your beautiful Essence.


Love, Laughter and Hopefulness…

Simplicity means always travelling close to home. Home is where we are calm, centered and peaceful despite what may be happening in our lives...

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Simplicity is the choice to see life as it is – not as we would like it to it be.

Rising Above

Disengaging from resistance…

At times we can find ourselves feeling caught between what we think we want and what we truly need.

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By accepting whatever we are dealing with graciously, we pave the way for our true desire of peace to surface naturally.


I accept my life with a calm and open heart.

Acceptance teaches us to question which is truly the better road to travel – one of taking a stand when something isn’t right, or one of understanding why something isn’t right.

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The clearest place we could ever visit is one of complete acceptance.


Transparency of potential…

Born anew with each breath we take, growth is, and always has been. It is the clarity that comes when we work in harmony with the eternal rhythms of life...

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Growth means rising into the maturity and understanding that nothing warrants our reactions.


Petal by Petal…

It is a commonly held perception that if we aren’t where we ultimately want to be right NOW, that we are failing in some way. The reality is that our true natures are being revealed to us step by step, and breath by breath. Each day we rise into the opportunity to become more aware of who we already are.

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Each day we rise into the opportunity to become more aware of who we already are.


Sprouting new wings…

While most people tend to think of themselves as open-minded individuals with trusting and faith-filled hearts, the truth is that each of us carries unresolved parts of ourselves that can cause us to shut down, become afraid, and sometimes even immovable.

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Every time we are successful at bringing another grievance to rest, we are one step closer to becoming whole once again.


Health, happiness and prosperity…

Abundance is the joyous realization of wholeness. Greater than simple material gain, it is an inner state of being that embodies the natural flow of movement, fulfilment and richness.

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I am an abundant being of light and joy. May I receive the richness and beauty of my life with a grateful and open heart.


Having the faith to DO

So often in life we are faced with circumstances that we don’t think we can overcome. The mountain may look too high, or the stream too deep, and so we too easily give up, often stopping just short of meeting the very best parts of ourselves.

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Courage does not mean that we are afraid of nothing; rather it means that we recognize our fears.


The Essence of Transformation

Sometimes there are moments in life where we can become temporarily thrown off track or taken by surprise by difficult feelings and situations that we are facing. We may have been happily moving along in our lives just fine, when seemingly out of nowhere, we are brought to our knees with uneasiness.

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Potential can only be realized by first stretching the boundaries of what we before thought impossible.

Letting Things Lie

Natural evolution of life…

Every once in a while the need to get things done can surface strongly in us – to get things done RIGHT NOW, instead of letting the natural flow of life take lead. We often do this when we find ourselves feeling agitated, desperate, or as though nothing in our lives is moving the way we would like it to. What is important for us to remember, however, is that we are here on this planet to make peace with WHAT IS, and not to change the plan that is laid out before us. Once peace has been made, we can do absolutely anything.

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If we are in the game of trying to keep things static, we will suffer because we have not yet learned that change is the only constant we can truly count on.

Spreading the Love

Shining your light…

While we can often become tangled in our own webs of complexity, it is helpful to remember that the gift of simplicity is always nearby for us. Only one step away, looking into the direction of what is already good and healthy in our lives – of what we are most grateful for – only creates more goodness for us.

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When we are able to uncover genuine love within ourselves, we also become able to spark and awaken the same flame in others.

Give and Take

The ebb and flow of life…

Although sometimes it can seem as though there is only one direction of movement – when it rains, it pours – the truth of the matter is that balance is always inherent. What can at first disguise itself as too much of one thing is actually only a smaller part of the greater whole.

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In order to be in harmony with universal flow, we must first learn the art of taking in, and then of letting go once again.

Tending to Your Garden

Loving and Being Loved…

We all have the innate capacity to heal. Healing means being well. It means having the courage to listen to our hearts, and the conviction to bring stillness to our minds. We are in a day and age where it has become absolutely necessary to tend to our own, individual gardens.

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Radiate goodness, radiate warmth…let yourself love and be loved.

Giving Up and Letting Go

Our first breath of freedom…

We have grown up in a world where we are taught to persevere at all costs…to do whatever possible to follow our dreams while relentlessly pursuing the affections of our hearts. What we rarely hear is that peace is all that matters.

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What we rarely hear is that peace is all that matters.

We Are Never Alone

Walking with Source…

Source is where we have come from and where we will return to. It is the animation that fuels our bodies and minds, allowing us to laugh and love and cry and heal. Each of us shares an inextricable connection to Source, and in this way, we are all exactly the same.

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It teaches us not to compromise on matters of the heart.

Creating Healthy Change

Changing the way you think…

It is never too late to make healthy change. Beauty is everywhere for you to have and to hold. The universe is loving, compassionate and gentle. It continually provides you with the exact life lessons and challenges needed in order to evolve into the person you wish to become.

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Each new moment is a chance for you to look into the world with fresh eyes.

Freedom from Limitation

A new way of being…

So often we find ourselves in circumstances that we judge as not feeling good or right. Our first inclination is to shut down, to get out, and to move away from those feelings that make us feel upset or out of control.

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When we stop our feelings from surfacing, we are actually denying the natural process of healing from occurring.

Forgiving is for Giving

…not for keeping!

Although most of us tend to think of forgiveness as a heavy and burdensome task that causes us to part with our most beloved grudges and grievances, it is actually a very simple practice with the only side-effect being complete and total freedom of spirit.

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Remember, we can forgive anything and everything – ourselves, others, situations, anxieties, depression, regrets, worldly chaos – give them all up!

Taking Our Time

Experiencing pleasure with change…

There are many moments these days where we do not feel equipped to get everything done in the small amount of time that we seem to have been given. There are mounting pressures within and without, and the relentless push to get it all done in time.

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Although it is sometimes easy to get caught up in the drama of the unknown, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Fullness at your Fingertips

The blossoming of regeneration…

While we can be inclined to stay fixed in our old patterns of familiarity, very little change is available to us when we are looking through the same eyes as yesterday. An inspired sense of meaning and richness follow closely behind any time we have the courage to try something new.

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An inspired sense of meaning and richness follow closely behind anytime we have the courage to try something new.


Gentle Firmness…

Within you, and as naturally as day follows night, is virtue. Without skipping a beat, truth flows through you each and every second of your life. How well it is able to be translated into actuality depends upon how much mind may be blocking its way.

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Virtue is the unfaltering direction of integrity, and the tender exploration of genuine action..

Small Moments Of Wonder

When wonder trickles in…

We are faced with a time in our lives where it has become evident that important changes need to be made so we can get to where we need to go. While we often catch glimpses of what we are truly searching for, incorporating these changes into our every day lives can often seem overwhelming and insurmountable.

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Every step forward made with courage and trust, leads us directly into the answers that already lie within our hearts.

Growing by Flowing

Becoming your best self…

Each of us is an endless well of potential and possibility. There is no end point to who we are becoming, as each time we inspire and expire our breath, our cells are literally transforming into newness and regeneration. While our egos prefer to keep things static and controlled – to have things done immediately, our inner wisdom teaches us to value the continual movement forward into alignment with universal rhythm.

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There is unlimited expansion available for each of us to explore.

The Art of Becoming Aware


Just as a raindrop falls quietly onto the earth below, everything that we do, think, feel and say sends ripples into the greater, collective whole. Oneness is our inherent nature, and the nature of every being on the planet. Although there are times when we can feel separate from others and from the world around us, it is impossible to ever be disconnected from our divinity.

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Becoming mindful is the art of learning how to observe ourselves.

Gratitude for Life!

Openness for healing…

Gratitude is the radiating warmth of Love that emanates from the center of our collective being. It is universal in nature, and graciously encourages us to accept challenge and overcome adversity by first opening to the unfaltering wisdom of Divine love and comfort.

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Gratitude teaches us of forgiveness and of letting go.

Keeping it Steady

Balancing the polarities of life…

There are many times when we can find it difficult to keep up with everything in our lives. In these moments, it may seem too overwhelming to attend to every, last detail of what we are thinking and feeling. When these moments arise in us, it is okay take a step back from the rush, and to simply give ourselves a quiet moment to regroup, settle and find our grounding once again.

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Being led by our dreams keeps us in healthy balance.


The joy of giving…

Kindness is the genuine act of giving to ourselves and to others. It is the open-hearted warmth that pours enthusiastically from our hearts each and every time we have added to the collective goodness of our world by graciously giving without the expectation of anything in return. Inherently rich with reciprocity, the more kindness we offer to others, the fuller our lives become.

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Kindness is the inherent understanding of the human condition.

Sharing the Light

From our hearts to yours, these Essence Messages are written by our Practitioners. We hope they support your journey and inspire the remembrance that light and goodness are your inherent qualities of Essence. If you feel these messages have been helpful, please share them with your loved ones.