I am Calm.
I am Grace.
I am Light.

- Marie Annette R. 91 years old.


Read what our friends say about their Essence Bracelets.

...they guide me lovingly
I’ve had my Essence Bracelets since I was seventeen years old. Through all of the ups and downs of growing up and struggling to accept change as it comes, my bracelets have helped me to stay grounded while life events have caused pulls and turns. They guide me lovingly and comfortingly to live each day with courage and trust, while being a visual reminder that I am all that I need.

I love the pearl collections. I use ‘Grateful Heart’ and ‘Unity’ daily to live fully in the moment while appreciating and noticing the wonderful connections I have with my family, my friends, my coworkers, my neighbors and the people who I meet. Essence Bracelets have helped me to grow and develop through the good and bad, always connecting me back to what is true and healing through loving acceptance of myself.
- Maria A.
...the bracelets are tools on my personal journey
Essence bracelets are my favorite pieces of jewelry. I wear them every day. The bracelets embrace the simple elegance of gemstones, which make them so unique. More importantly, the bracelets are tools on my personal journey. The healing spirit of each gemstone and the care of the maker’s gentle, intuitive intent is held in the heart of every bracelet I wear.
- Mara L.
...Each one is made personally with love
I received my first Essence Bracelet a long time was at a time when I desperately needed a little support in setting an intention from the intention that would help lead me and support me toward my goal, which at that time was all-consuming. It was given to me with an abundance of love. I felt that energy when I wore it then, and I feel it when wear it now today. That bracelet was Hope and it was the first of many to come. Each one is more precious that the next, yet none is more important than the other. I believe that in order to live a life of love and light we must each day set an intention to do so. Love and light come in many forms…they come in happiness, forgiveness, friendship, peace, balance, etc. I have received bracelets in times of celebration, loss, healing and even when I needed a hand to hold, but my best friend was too far away. Each one is made personally with love, so to give one with that same purpose from your heart is to pass on that same vibration and that energy is priceless.
- Christy F. though I had something magical with me throughout my day
I have always been drawn towards wearing jewelry that holds special meaning. When I got my first Essence Bracelet, however, it felt different than any of my other pieces – almost as though I had something magical with me throughout my day. It's hard to put into words, but when I wear one it feels like having a constant quiet hum of loving support always with me. They are my favorite gifts to give (both to others and myself!), not to mention something beautiful you can wear every single day.
- Michelle B.
...helping me through my day
Tonight I armed myself with my "Love, Surrender and Release" before leaving the house, and I felt the beautiful energies with me helping me through my most fragile moments.
- Laurene P.
...Each one is made with the power of Love, and when put on, you can’t help but to feel it.
I have just about every single Essence Bracelet, since they all have messages that resonate with the needs in my everyday life - LOL! Some days I need extra–special support in my life so I wear the 'Angel' bracelet as a reminder that I'm not alone. When I first started wearing Essence Bracelets, not only did I love how beautiful they were, but I truly felt from my heart the intention behind each one, and that is what is truly powerful about them. Each one is made with the power of Love, and when put on, you can’t help but to feel it.
- Cheri R.
...I am always complimented on them
I LOVE my essence bracelets! I hope to collect all of them one day:D. The messages that are attached to each one are so special and FEEL so true. I have always been open to energy, but never have I come across to something that feels so pure and real. Lesley has a gift, and like anyone of us that has the ability to heal through energy, Lesley’s is unclouded and authentic. The idea of magic that lies in them is positive enough to remind me to stay grounded. When I put on “Mother’s Love”, I am reminded of the patience that lies in me as I go through my days as a mother to my precious children. They are also beautiful and majestic! I am always complimented on them and they make the perfect gift to anyone. I am a believer!
- Natascha S.

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