Gratitude for Life

Openness for healing…

Gratitude for Life!

Openness for healing…

Gratitude is the radiating warmth of Love that emanates from the center of our collective being. It is universal in nature, and graciously encourages us to accept challenge and overcome adversity by first opening to the unfaltering wisdom of Divine love and comfort. Gratitude teaches us of forgiveness and of letting go, and fills our spirits with the perseverance of hopefulness in times of great difficulty. When we have temporarily lost our faith, it is the appreciation of life’s small moments that helps us to find our ways once again. Although we often question in protest when we find ourselves struggling, the tenderness of gratitude teaches us instead to look for that which we still need to learn. It reminds us to seek out the purpose behind our experiences so we are able to make the best of every situation we encounter. Healing occurs naturally when we work in cooperation with what lies before us, and gratitude is the gentle energy that fuels our hearts to keep on going. Life is precious and kind. Rise up into this light of understanding, and allow gratitude to take you home once again.

Gratitude teaches us of forgiveness and of letting go.

Sharing the Light

From our hearts to yours, these Essence Messages are written by our Practitioners. We hope they support your journey and inspire the remembrance that light and goodness are your inherent qualities of Essence. If you feel these messages have been helpful, please share them with your loved ones.