Please review answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you do not find your answer here, please feel free to contact us. Someone will be happy to assist you.


1I know Swarovski crystals contain lead. Do your gemstones contain any lead?
Manmade crystals use lead to bring out the brilliance in the glass. All of our gemstones in our bracelets are naturally occurring stones and free of lead. We do not use man made crystal in our bracelets, our gemstones are selected for their natural beauty and properties. They do not contain lead.
2How large are the gemstones that you use?
All bracelets are made with 10mm faceted gemstones, and our signature dangling gemstones on our necklaces are 4mm.
3Will I see visible inclusions in my Essence Bracelets?
Yes, because our gemstones are natural, many gemstones may have inclusions in them. Inclusions are the characteristics found within the gemstone and might include feathers, grain lines or other mineral deposits. Gemstone inclusions are like fingerprints, a characteristic that gives your gemstone a special signature. Your Essence Bracelet is one of a kind, there are no two bracelets alike. Inclusions are naturally occurring and add to its uniqueness and authenticity.


1Is that real Silver on the bracelets?
Yes, All our bracelets have genuine 925 Silver on the metallic parts of the bracelet.
2Can the Silver rub-off during cleaning?
No, the silver will not rub-off during cleaning. We use SOLID silver on all our metallic bracelet parts. We do NOT use silver plating.
3Do I need to clean the silver?
Depending on your skin's PH, your physical activity, and the humidity in your environment, you might find that the silver may develop a thin layer of oxidation over time. This is normal. You can use an anti-tarnish cleaning cloth to bring back the silver shine to your bracelet. Again, the level of oxidation depends on many factors, and we have seen customer bracelets that have not oxidized even with normal wear.


1How soon does an order ship?
This depends on the bracelet order size. When you place your order for your bracelet, the bracelet is hand made for you, upon receipt of order. On average, an order will be processed and shipped within 2 business days.
2Can I return my bracelet?
Absolutely. We are 100% committed to customer satisfaction, and have a very low return rate. If, for any reason, you are unsatisfied with your purchase, simply call or email us and we will issue you a Return Authorization Number to include with your return. Return Authorizations must be issued within 30 days of initial shipment to qualify for return. All items must be returned undamaged and in original packaging for a full refund, and return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer.