About Us and Our Bracelets

Essence Bracelets Has Been Inspired by Wellness Practitioners


A Love For Healing

Created by wellness practitioners, Essence Bracelets have been designed to help people to help themselves in the most meaningful of ways. Our love for uncovering human potential led us to create Essence Bracelets as tools used to awaken human consciousness and inspire courage, determination and the freedom of being oneself.

You Are Already Perfect

There is a commonly held misperception that we as humanity need to be improved upon before we can accept ourselves completely as we are. At Essence Bracelets, we believe the opposite to be true. We believe that the core of who you already are is whole, complete, perfect and wise. We believe that the only thing stopping you from realizing your inherent potential is the willingness to allow it to rise effortlessly to the surface – the ability to get out of your own way, and to let your inner Light shine.

Tools For Awakening

Essence Bracelets have been designed to help you remember who you have always been…a wellspring of hope, goodness and love. Our bracelets help you to draw this awareness forward into greater expansion. Not only is each bracelet blessed and handmade with the finest gemstones and sterling silver just for you, but each and every time you see it upon your wrist, you will be reminded of the Essence within you, and of the perfection that makes up your very being. You will be encouraged to bravely express your truest self possible…

Our Wish For You

It is our wish that you remember who you are, and share it with the world in the unique way that only you can. Each Essence Bracelet represents a part of your wholeness, and a part of you that is yearning to be revealed into greater mastery, vision, and completion. Placing attention upon your natural qualities of Peace, Happiness, Faith and Love will only make them grow more deeply and develop further…and will lead you to reveal your greater Essence, and into the discovery of who you really are.

The Founders

Meet the Creators of Essence Bracelets



Thank you for taking the time to visit us! The creation of Essence Bracelets has come from a deep love of healing. Together, we have over 25 years experience in the field of energy healing and intuitive guidance. We have been deeply blessed through our work – Andrea with Angel Readings, and Lesley with Energy Healing Sessions – to have been able to witness many incredible transformative experiences, both within ourselves and in those we have worked with.

Healing, for us, means coming back to who we really are…who we already are, and who we have always been. This is our passion, and why we hand-make each of our bracelets for you. Once you begin to realize the depth of what this means, life becomes far simpler…easier to navigate and manage on all levels. The experience of joy becomes commonplace rather than being perceived as the occasional miracle, and you start to become aware of all of the invisible goodness that is supporting you in each breath that you take. Beneath the layers of who you thought you have been, lies the truth of who you already are. We are excited to go here with you!

Take this journey with us, and uncover your deepest Essence…the part of you that knows of your inherent magnificence and extraordinary worth. Be your best self, and shine your light for all the world to see!

Thank you for sharing in this experience with us!

Lesley and Andrea.